The Writer That Wasn’t

I don’t believe that mistakes should be swept under the carpet. These are posts from my first attempt at a blog – The Writer That Wasn’t.

Once upon a time, I really wanted to be a writer. Not just a blog writer, but a novelist. Such a lofty title with so much damn work involved. Back then, I couldn’t put in the time or effort required. Maybe I will one day, but as I got older I decided to focus on other aspects of my life. I didn’t want to just wipe the old blog though. It is part of who I am and what brought me to where I am. So I saved all the old posts and ditched them here. Maybe I’ll read them again someday, maybe I won’t. Maybe someone will find them and realize that getting someplace isn’t all sunshine and rainbow paths and maybe it will kill all my SEO optimization and no one will ever read my blog because it’s grown out this phase. Oh well. Mistakes happen, embrace them.


Original About Me Page:

I am Alyx Jatho, the writer who wasn’t. Isn’t. I’m working on it, okay?

My goal is to become the writer who is. That is what this blog is here for: to kick me hard in the rear end until I becoming a writing addict.

That’s me over there. Or it will be when I get around to putting up a picture. Did I mention I am good at procrastination. Really it’s more of a problem of perfectionism, or at least well-enoughism. This is important to know because it is one of my main struggles with writing.

I grew up in my mothers personal library, I look back on my childhood and what I remember are the books. They made more of an impact on me than I (or probably she) realizes. I’m the child that liked to tear down the wall of books she owned, just to alphabetize them, again.

Suffice it to say, books are awesome in my world.

This blog is me writing. Me writing about books, about blogs, about random things that cross my the path of my wandering brain. It is about being the writer that wasn’t and the journey of becoming the writer who is. Sometimes it will be serious, more often it will be quirky, mostly it will just be here.


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