I wrote a thing!

Was doing a writing prompt with the child after dinner, our prompt was about the discovery of the Pacific Ocean so we decided to just write about the ocean in general. While the child’s turned out funny (“The ocean is bigger than a hamster! And we all know how big a hamster can be!”) mine ended up being more poetic in nature. And then the child inflated my ego by going on and on about how good it was, so figured I should share it here. Still a first draft, and didn’t have time to finish, and downplaying my success because I am a dork and really need to stop doing that. I got something written, it wasn’t half bad, here it is. Also, yay! Two posts in a day!


Once upon a time, on an ocean far away, a little girl set out for the day. On a tiny ship she went, with all the money she hadn’t spent. Food and water and clothing too, she even had her favorite shoes. Across the ocean she would go, as far as the wind would blow. Her parents begged, “No! Don’t go!” But she just had to know. This little girl loved to wander, every day she did ponder: Why did the fish like to swim, what was in the water so dim? How far did the pretty birds fly, what else was in the sky? So she sailed for days and days, across the ocean, across the waves. She took notes on everything and loved to hear the ocean sing. One day the sky, it did roar, and the clouds began to pour. The water ate her in one bite, the little girl had no time to fight. Down and down and down she fell, devoid of light, devoid of smell. Til the bottom she did hit, but found her body hadn’t quit. Water she was breathing now, but she had no clue how. Water in, water out. What was this all about? Suddenly some creatures appeared, many form and they all cheered! “Hooray! Hooray! You’re still alive, we’re so happy you survived!”


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