[Fluff] On Photography

So lately I have been on this photography kick. I love taking photos, but have always felt strange in doing so because I do not take photos like everyone else I know. When I was younger and at Disneyland with my aunt, I remember having a conversation with her because she disapproved of my photography choices. “People want to see photos of people, it makes it more interesting,” she tried to tell me. Even then I thought she was off her rocker.

Today, it kind of clicked. Photography for me is not about memories and never has been. It’s about the art. Its the art in the landscape. Its the art in a well lit scene. The geometrical beauty of the inner workings of a Disneyland ride. I don’t need to remember it all, my brain works well enough to do that. But I do want to admire the art work later. While portraits can be art as well, they are fewer and farther between for me.

And that is an approach that I take to many things, and often take for granted. Unlike what seems to be a lot of the world, I really enjoy the beauty in the small things. The monotony of people drive me nuts. I would rather be doing anything else than listen to someone recap the fight they had with the elevator door or other such useless piddleycrap. Granted, some are great story tellers and make it worth while, most are not. But even with the dullness of people, I will watch the world with keen interest for hours and not get bored. The way the sunlight hits the houses across the stress, meanders across the road, catches every dew drop on each blade of grass. These are all things I cherish and enjoy. Most people walk away before noticing its happening at all.

There a joy in the slowness of the world. That is what I like to photograph. Now if only I had the skills to do it better.


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