[Fluff] Let’s try this again

Okay, so I tried to have the drive last week. It didn’t work.

Take 2. I already have a post queued up for this week, so at least I am a little bit ahead.

I have nothing really exciting to talk about today. I know, this blog is dull and you want to gouge your eyes out every time you read it, except you probably don’t read it so your eyes remain intact.

So, I am supposed to be talking about writing and not writing. I am definitely good at the not writing part. Today at least I had decent reasons for not writing fiction. I won’t bore you with the details but at least I did get stuff done rather than waste time avoiding getting stuff done.

I have still been taking notes and doing research on things to blog about, which is good in its own way. Except that I am having issues translating that from notes into actual blog posts. My brain tends to process things concisely, expanding what can be said in 2-3 sentences to 200-300 words is difficult for my quite often. I have pages of notes sitting around but can’t conceptualize how to turn them into posts. I have a feeling my OCD and depression is creeping up on me more than I am consciously admitting, need to get some work done before it really kicks my butt.

I did spend a good chunk of the weekend checking out a very interesting writing program called Scrivener. I would tell you how awesome it is, but I will take any opportunity I can to make a blog post about something and no sense repeating myself when I plan to talk on it later. If you want the 10 second version, its best explained as a word processor enhanced for a novelists needs. It’s specifically intended to help you get the first draft down. I think it will be bloody awesome, when I can come up with ideas to write about.

Which leads me back to OCD and concise thinking and being unable to take 2-3 sentences and turn them into 200-300 pages — and I keep thinking blog posts are hard. Oy vey.

It’s a good thing I have nothing more to say for the night, I just had a puppy lay on my lap trying to oust the laptop and making typing difficult. With luck, I will have real posts this week.

Edit: Upon removing the puppy from my person, I manage to create 3 additional blog posts to this one and have scheduled them accordingly. I can smile and go to bed now, happy in the knowledge that I am doing awesome.


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