Execution is worth millions

In the vein of my previous post and new resolutions, I came across this short blog post today and shared it with a friend. Then agonized for a few minutes over whether I should post it here. See, future-me, who is now-me, is already trying to trip me up.

I love this idea though. Ideas that you do nothing with, be it in business or writing or anything else, are worth very little. I can think of story ideas all day long, but unless I put them to paper at some point, they are fairly worthless. No one will ever see them or if I share, they will be soon forgotten because I have no execution to back it up with. You don’t generally remember books because they had an alien fish race fighting the catmen of the cosmos; you remember it because of the emotional attachment you had with Goldy, the vivacious young cadet who was caught behind enemy lines. The execution is what makes the connection.

A similar concept I come across in writing advice deals with a frequent complaint from new writers: it’s all been done before. The story is about a boy falling in love with a girl and fighting off a dragon/wizard/vampire horde to save her. But the execution of that idea makes all the difference. Snow White gets saved by a prince’s love but it is not the same story as Sleeping Beauty. Give 10 people the same idea and they will all come up with 10 different stories. Some will be executed well, others not so much, but all will be unique and worth more as a completed story than the idea itself.


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