Blog, the Yearly Edition

Almost a year since I posted. I had better hopes for myself. While I did participate in NaNoWriMo last November, I have not done much, if any, writing since then. Don’t ask why, probably some combination of discouragement and burnout. It will be September in a few days though and with the advent of autumn I find myself contemplating writing again. Specifically, prep for November. While I failed last year (I think I came in at a measly 10k words, but wow 10k was amazing for me), I find myself very excited for this year. I even want to interact with people and be part of the community (I doubt that will last long *shudders* people…).

Prep for me is going to involve several things, in theory. First and foremost is getting around to writing every day again. Flash fiction fridays, 3 word wednesdays, whatever I can manage. I want to make it part of my day. I am a firm believer, and have heard from many others, that creativity can be scheduled. That if you show up for your creativity, it will show up for you. This is always one of my biggest struggles though. I sit around and wait til I have an idea, even though I know it is better to just work and train my creativity to be on my schedule, rather than let myself be on it’s.

I also want to try and write here more. Writing is writing, it’s all practice and it’s all helpful. While I started this blog under very ambitious terms (5 days a week?! I claim temporary insanity), I am now hoping for a modest one post a week, possibly more while trying to struggle through NaNoWriMo. (Great idea Alyx! Add more distraction to what will already be a difficult month!)

In short, here we go again. Let’s see how well I do this time round.


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