Ahem, here I am again

I have spent the last few weeks collecting a half dozen books on creativity. This really seems to be my main downfall when I am writing, I can never come up with ideas. While I have found some good ones, I have found an interesting trend as well. Many creativity books on the market have less to do with the arts and more to do with business. Being creative in making products or finding solutions. In reading a few of these they make the point that creativity is kind of a crisis in America. So many people believe that they aren’t creative, while most books insist everyone is but they have been told by society in general that creativity is somehow a bad thing. That being artistic should be frowned upon. This is deeply depressing on many levels, but also quite clear in how we teach our schools and raise our kids. If someone finds a creative solution to a problem, they are in trouble for not doing it how they were told. We push writers to more mainstream positions in the workforce, like journalism. Painters and cartoonists should see their work as a hobby at best. I do agree that this really needs to change in our society. We need creative people to come up with new solutions in medical advancement, technology. New ways to run businesses, new ways to feed the population.
Ranting on a tangent.
Back to my creative problems. Besides these business creativity books, I have also found and collected a decent amount of books focused on artistic creativity that I have been working through. While I feel much better about my ability to write on ideas and silence the inner critic, I have yet to actually be able to. Which is immensely frustrating. So I’ll keep working at it. Hopefully by the time NaNoWriMo comes around I will have something to work on for the month.
In other news, one of the kids decided that NaNoWriMo is awesome and would love to do a story this year. “50,000 words?! That’s easy!” I wish I had his enthusiasm and am very proud of him for wanting to try. He even scoffed at doing the young writers challenge instead. I think he’s insane. By his own admission though: “I am super excited and unrealistic!” Said in the best way possible. I think that is my new NaNo motto.


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