2nd Quarter Results

First, the easy part: 2nd quarter results for this year.

What did the second 3 months of my serious attempt at writing bring me? Less than I had hoped.

I have still written some every month, even if just journals. February is still my worst month this year. My average this quarter? 8308 words a month; not bad in the long run, but 3k less a month than first quarter. I did write some short stories in this quarter, and even put one on a critique site for some feedback. But I also went long weeks not writing at all.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I can!

Err I mean, because accountability! And being conscious of my own progress!

Because its my blog and I can write what I want on it!


In other news, instead of writing I have finished a quilt, got 2 new dogs, did tons of gardening and yardwork, and generally did not writing things. I’ve been a bit busy. So rant rant rant, I need to write more, read more, be more what I want to be. But I am working on it! I still think about it every day, even if I don’t write. It may be a slow process getting where I am going, but at least I am trying.

That sounds so pathetic, and trying is not the same as doing, but you know, positive thinking and such.


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