[Quotes] Don’t be undone

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

— Pablo Picasso

This is my kick in the butt quote for the week. I want to write. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to write and right now, I am pretty pissed at myself that I haven’t written much yet.

I have never wanted to die famous. When I was younger, friends even got speeches about how I just wanted to be cremated and forgotten. That is still mostly true, though I understand better the need for the living to remember the dead for themselves, not for the dead. But if I still died tomorrow, I would not be happy in whatever after-life form I take.

I want to be forgotten, but that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to the world first. There are thoughts, in my head, and in everyone else’s, and I think the world will be richer for those thoughts. That doesn’t mean that I need my name attached to them, that I need to be remembered for having shared them, just that they are out in the world making others think. Helping others cope with life and people and boredom and loneliness and whatever else they use my thoughts and stories to cope with.

We all have songs and stories, movies and random thoughts we heard someplace 20 years ago. We don’t always know who wrote it, who starred in the leading role or who said that little snippet of wisdom, but somehow they stuck with us and have become ingrained in who we are. I want my stories to add to the collection of things in this world that can make a difference, even if its just to make someone smile or make them stop and question the world around them in a profound way.

I need to stop procrastinating if I am going to do that. I may not die tomorrow, but every moment is fleeting. Every second I don’t write, another story is lost. A million ideas a minute running through 6 billion heads in the world right now. Humanity needs more people writing them down.


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